♪ We must listen to our own inner voice !

Time and tide wait for no man !

These pictures have reminded me of my younger days,

the days were when I taught many students the world history or English at the high school associated with full of the memories,

the days were when I used to listen to Haydon, Mozart and Beethoven played by Frans Brüggen(1934.10.30 – 2014.8.13),

he was one of the greatest and the vividest conductors on period instruments, directed the Orchestra of 18th Century in Amsterdam, which he established.

Oh, to my saddness, the passionate  musician died just the other day !!

同僚の先生と(長野県栂池 早春)

Well, Diogenes is always right, as the following sentences !

We must listen to our own inner voice like this philosopher, not to others’ voice.

1  Alexander, the most powerful man in the world, asked if he could do anything to help

the famous philosopher Diogenes. “Yes,” replied the philosopher, “if you could step out of the

way. You are blocking the sun.” The philosophers, such as Diogenes and Socrates, had

merely settled on a way of responding to the darker half of the equation that owed nothing to

traditional honour code, and its suggestion that what others think of us must determine

what we can think of ourselves.



2  According to the rules of reason, a given conclusion is to be deemed true if, and only if,

it flows from a logical sequence of thoughts founded on sound initial premises. Considering

mathematics to be the model of good thinking, philosophers began to search for an

approximation of its objective certainties in ethical life too.


3  A water molecule that finds itself on a blade of grass fringed with frost arrived on the

ground by a zig-zag path, the direction of its motion having been changed frequently and

abruptly by collisions with other air molecules.

夕やけこやけの歌碑(長野県上田市 早春)   柏屋本店(長野県上田市別所温泉 早春)  愛染カツラの樹(上田市別所温泉 早春)

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